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Apparel Technology was established as a partnership between Russell O'Neill and Ernst Huisamen towards the end of 2017. They jointly have over sixty years experience in supplying machinery and technological support to the apparel manufacturing industry throughout Southern Africa.

Russell O'Neill is an electronics engineer who entered the trade in the early 1980's and has specialized in the repair, supply, support and upgrading of garment related equipment.
Ernst Huisamen has spent over thirty years, specialising in the supply of apparel manufacturing equipment. He has travelled to production facilities all over the world to study international best practices and attended courses in automated production at institutions such Clemson University and TC Squared.
Our primary focus is the automation of critical operations to enhance productivity as well as to find ways to de-skill critical operations in the production chain. We are also constantly looking for new innovations in and outside of the apparel manufacturing industry to help manufacturers to become more efficient.
We have the ability to incorporate 4.0 into what we supply as well as to incorporate this technology into your existing machinery and operation.